plantation style furniture

Compact furniture-custom solutions for limited space

Not everyone has the luxury suites or apartments with a large area, but everyone wants to comfortably arrange their housing, making maximum use of the space that is. So, use Guest Picks: Space-Saving Multipurpose Furniture.

southwest style furniture

Use curtains instead of doors in a closet

Open cabinets and Skirted Furniture Style are now very popular. As Compact furniture-custom solutions for limited space. People have given up the cumbersome and not very beautiful, but popular in the CIS, cases-compartments, are not always able to find a decent alternative.

classic furniture styles

Metal garden furniture

In gardens always used metal for furniture. It’s all sorts of benches, tables, chairs, pedestal, which is metal. Today I want to have stylish, beautiful metal furniture, Almost Invisible Outdoor Furniture Lets Views Star. Furniture of metal is durable. It is perfectly preserved in the street. Because metal furniture is mostly harvested, respectively, it is made in the folding version, which is very convenient. As says Use curtains instead of […]

furniture icons

A new breath of Toana Nguyen

Collection of Toana Nguyen for Fendi Casa demonstrates new fashion image of a respectable brand. And it was interests by Houzz Tour: Addicted to Iconic Furniture in Houston. So this line of contemporary furniture, designed to complement classic line Fendi Casa, exists for more than 20 years. It is fresh, youth and yet very fashionable and respectable. So besides of Metal garden furniture you’ll get much more! His main concern (and […]

grandmother clock

Grandfather clocks in the timeless interior

In the world everything is subject to time carefully working on us and the appearance of the surrounding things. And here’s some watch models are able to pass on the spirit of the era through time like the mechanism it sidesteps. We are talking about floor clocks as these items may well serve for a long time and, in addition, be an excellent complement to traditional Interior. So there is […]

kids fun furniture

Bedside tables through the eyes of contemporary designers

This piece of furniture can now be found everywhere, not only in private homes, but also in various institutions: hospitals, rest homes and hotels. Few people know that the word “vanity” is translated from French as “post” or “stump”. In our time by that Word, more often than not, is a small closed cupboard with drawers and shelves or convenient wide stand under something. In addition, the pedestal is sometimes […]

diy wingback chair

Wingback Chair

For hundreds of years the majestic and elegant “armchair with ears” decorates home connoisseurs of comfortable furniture. It is one of must-know furniture: the wingback chair. Most of all it is known as the English Chair with high back. But he has other names. In England it is called “wingback chair: backrest with wings or winged Chair. We have called these protruding parts of the back of the ears, and […]