21 Ways to Arrange Carpet Tiles Like a Pro

Clever decisions for remaking tiles of the carpet have always been in value. Imagine you are totally renewing the style of your living room only by making your tiles more original.

Checkerboard pattern is for sure on of the most frequently used ideas for covering the floor. A great alteration will be to use it in compliance with stripes or with thee-tile checkerboard. If you need something really special – pay your attention to diagonal lines. They might visually increase the dimension of the room. Alternatively, mixing colors is impressive solution. As usual six colors are used.

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Also you may reach a spectacular effect if you try directing tiles in opposite sides. Unexpected edges are most likely to reach an interesting outlook as well. If you are trying to organize your dining room go for putting a huge colored circle on the place for a table.

That is not considered to be commonplace to use a solid color. If you mix enough shiny shades on the furnishing the carpet will look improbably. Cover the area from wall to wall or leave huge long areas uncovered by the rug. Change sizes and shapes create symmetry or chaos of forms. All these options will surely make best of your remaking tiles of the carpet with noticeable benefit to the freshness of your dwelling.

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