5 innovative wood floors

Innovative wood floors are not very difficult in its construction, shape or even the price isn’t extremely high. The most innovative nowadays, we can consider floors with hardwood. They are really practical and adorable. Hardwood can be painted almost with every color, so it might be really convenient for you to make it in a proper design for your divided room or the whole house.

Speaking about the most advisable idea for you, if we are talking about the hardwood material, try to construct or buy it with oak, ash, bamboo or maple trees. Some of them might be cheap, but some not. So, try to count your budget and find out what would be the most appropriate for you.

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You can also be stick to the idea of having wood floor smooth or for instance slippery, it also depends on material you have chosen. If you do not like some natural materials, or you just is an extraordinary and creative kind of a person, you can pick up a stained flooring. You will definitely love the color and you are also allowed to choose color from wide range of tones and their mixes.

However, it is very important to know some disadvantages of having wooden flooring It would be not possible for you to make it be warm and heated, because the material isn’t proper for such an idea. So, if you have recently decided to have your floor warm, you have to change your purpose and substitute wooden floor for tiled.

We can also offer you to have a parquet, but we suppose, that it does not worth buying because it might be more expensive than just set up a new natural made floor.

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By the way, you can also choose a flooring with special covering, for instance, you can have a wooden floor, but in the middle of surface have cotta area, which will be warm.

So, we suppose, we helped you a lot, go on our web site and find out more about painted wood floors.

20 Photos of the 5 innovative wood floors

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