Aniline dyes

Hardwood, such as walnut, plane tree, pear, etc., with beautiful natural coloring, usually gets off with preservation of natural color. It is known what goes with wood cabinets and the pro finishing secret: aniline dye for wood.

Aniline dyes are used:

dye wood
  1. a) to paint wood to which it is not in kind;
  2. b) to give the wood a darker tone;
  3. in) to eliminate the difference in coloring of parts.

Aniline dyes-preparation method is common to all water soluble dyes. The following recipes are weighted according to the required amount of dry dye (powder), are a small amount of water, thoroughly stirred, diluted with water before the specified in the recipe and brought to a boil in tinned, glass or enameled Cookware.

Method of application. Dye for deeper penetration into the pores of the wood it is advisable to apply in a heated condition. Before dyeing the surface details should be evenly, without streaks, sprinkled with water by means of rags or rollers. A preliminary moisturizing is essential for uniform coloring. Then on a slightly damp wood are prepared with dye solution by means of a brush, sponge or cloth.

Dyeing can also take the spray setting or by dipping method details in a bath of dye solution. Dipping method is suitable for dyeing broke howl furniture (chairs, shelves, etc.).

wood dye

In all cases you should eliminate drips of dye, in a timely manner by removing excess grout dry with a clean cloth. Do not dye stains are removed by drying, dark spots and streaks. The same solution of the dye can be lighter or darker tones in the OCTA depend of the number of Wooden wall: practical and beautiful.

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