Black and white wooden floor

Judging from all thought about best flooring and also from national and Trans – regional surveys, we would like to point out that there is no a clear answer what kind of design will be the most suitable for you and which one not. They both have their benefits and disadvantages. So, let’s start comparing process and finding out what can be appropriate for you personally.

The most important point is that the color of actually floor strongly depends on colors of your walls. To make it clear, you probably do not want to mix dark colors of walls and black color of floor, or for example, pale walls and white floor. Inn this way, your room and especially if you want to change the kitchen will look graze ad not actually attractive. So, at first decide if you want to change just the color of floor or you are interested I changing the whole room (we mean color)

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Black floor can look really beautiful if you have a grotesque design of the whole room. For instance, if you have some red walls, or black art on pale or green walls black floor will suits a lot. It would be also great for you to have not a monotone design of floor checkerboard pattern. Vintage is always in a trend, and it would be great for you to create such a vintage art on your own.

You can involve your family in such process, it will be ice to create something family gathered altogether.

Speaking about disadvantages of having black floor, we would like to point out that it is not really convenient for people to clan it, as if you have a black and slippery floor all dust is visible. It is easy to recognize that you have an untidy room.

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What is more, the white floor has the same disadvantage. If you have too pale floor it will be hard for you to clean it, and it means that you need special equipment in order to clean it.

You are welcome on our website, carry on reading about When to use engineered wood floors.

20 Photos of the Black and white wooden floor

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