Brickwork kitchen Interior

Kitchen of the Week: Brick, Wood and Clean White Lines. Masonry bricks are perfect for the kitchen or dining room. At your discretion you can decorate one or all of the walls. You can lay out brick ceiling or limitation to the protective panel, kitchen apron. Than good brickwork is that option you can choose absolutely any finish, in any case it looks harmoniously, besides the decor perfectly complements the glass, wood and metal. The original looks great wall with exposed brick walls, surrounded by modern kitchen appliances.

Brickwork in the Interior is the spirit of antiquity, which are now very often use modern designers. This style has come to us from Europe and America and fell like amateurs to experiment with the design of the Interior. This design is very unusual and daring; it can become expressive d├ęcor in your home, giving it a special mood. See How Wood Warms Modern White Kitchens.

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Undoubtedly, the brick is very practical, high-quality and durable, among many other materials. Practicality brick chosen tend to be fans of respectable and secure housing, but you can use it to make and other effects, for example, give the Interior a hint of romance. And if you find the right texture and shades, the design can be even eccentric. Also with the help of brickwork can be emphasized reliability environment, luxury, restraint or pretentiousness if you want. Of course, an important moment to give the desired mood and atmosphere will be how decorate seams and a range of colors. You can artificially age a brick, to make it look more natural, we can to varnish, Paint paint-brick laying many design options, the choice will depend on your taste and interior of your home.

Because brick is a building material, already forced thermal treatment, the laying of even many years from now will look like all the beautiful, without a trace of mildew and mold. A very interesting fact is that currently produce bricks with polymer coating, this will give you a lot more options for decorating Rustic style in the kitchen.

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20 Photos of the Brickwork kitchen Interior

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