Cardboard furniture

Cardboard furniture is another excellent idea in favor of the planet and our health, which is also a low-cost, original and environmentally friendly. It’s a kind of Mobile Furniture: put a wheel on it. Table, chairs, stools, cabinets, furniture, Wall shelves is all you can make out of cardboard, without a huge effort. The benefits are obvious-such furniture is lightweight, durable, eco-friendly, affordable and, most importantly, it is easy to make with their own hands.

Now the promised step by step instructions on making cardboard furniture-chairs: an example of When to discard of “used”?.

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The first step is to cut the side surfaces of the future form of the Chair. Remember that for the average length of the layer you want to zigzag, doubling.

The second step of manufacture cardboard chairs-holes cut out for the cardboard cylinder in the right places.

The third step is gluing the side surfaces of the seats (just like we trained to do basic element).

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The last step is to connect both side surfaces of cylinders made of cardboard and glue the side surfaces of the cylinders.

That’s all the cardboard armchair is ready! An alternative option is to first create a solid side surface and then cut those forms that need. This is how you will feel more comfortable.

21 Photos of the Cardboard furniture

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