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21 Ways to Arrange Carpet Tiles Like a Pro

Clever decisions for remaking tiles of the carpet have always been in value. Imagine you are totally renewing the style of your living room only by making your tiles more original. Checkerboard pattern is for sure on of the most frequently used ideas for covering the floor. A great alteration will be to use it in compliance with stripes or with thee-tile checkerboard. If you need something really special – […]

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Furniture for small apartments: 10 items

Small apartment is a real treasure for experiments with the storage systems, interesting ideas. And the good atmosphere always evokes a sense of peace and comfort, but only then, when everything is superfluous skillfully hidden, but space correctly organized. For example, you can turn a Favorite Piece of Furniture Into a Vanity. To make this easier, we have a virtual tour of furniture online shopping and have chosen for you […]

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Guest picks retro charm for a home office

Most of us have a home office – it’s just a desk and chair, which is used to work at a computer and conduct home accounting. However, the design and décor of this corner – is an important factor. Today we talk about interior guest picks retro charm for a home office. It should be noted that the guest picks combine a home office and guest room in style does […]

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The wood in the Interior: the relationship of the civilized world with nature

Wood, primarily associated with the floors and furniture, but before it was the traditional building material for the construction of houses. Russian hut, English, Finnish and Swedish at home, Swiss Chalet is built without the use of wood. However, this tradition today is becoming increasingly popular and highly appreciated. Due to the professional design work, the combination of even older wood and finish frenzy: end-grain wood with graceful lamps and […]

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Clean Yourselves Easier with Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom vanities in must always found in every office or house. These things are used to wash your hand and face, brush your teeth, look yourself in the mirror, check your appearance, and many more. These things are consist of mirror, faucet, drawer, and table. The things that usually are there like soap, towel, and hand wash. The material of this thing usually made from granite and ceramics. In the building […]

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There are eight rot resistant woods for outdoor home projects

Natural woodworking is a perfect choice to add comfort to the garden constructions – such as combs, fences, grills, etc. Most of the lumber chemically treated to prevent rot. However, some types of wood have excellent opportunities to rot which can facilitate their use in the open air without chemical processing. Previously, farmers take wood to preclude rotting. Farmers from New England were planted Osage Orange, that draw border areas […]

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Wood in the Interior? Stylish and modern!

While in captivity, stereotypes, we often forget that it is not necessary to radically change the established views-sometimes quite a shift from the usual points. So it was that style of House in the middle of nature, in the direct vicinity of the pine forest is associated with natural wood. Log walls, wooden floor, and carved window-what other images appear in this case in mind? Of course, these days and […]

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A new breath of Toana Nguyen

Collection of Toana Nguyen for Fendi Casa demonstrates new fashion image of a respectable brand. And it was interests by Houzz Tour: Addicted to Iconic Furniture in Houston. So this line of contemporary furniture, designed to complement classic line Fendi Casa, exists for more than 20 years. It is fresh, youth and yet very fashionable and respectable. So besides of Metal garden furniture you’ll get much more! His main concern (and […]