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A desk for every home office

Buying a desk for every home office – which means largely simplify your life, give comfort and convenience. Still nicer home or at work sitting at a comfortable table than on the couch curled up in a zigzag or restrict a side table. To choose a desk for every home office – it is not only the notorious “like – not like it.” Pay attention to the price-performance ratio. It […]

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The wood in the Interior: the relationship of the civilized world with nature

Wood, primarily associated with the floors and furniture, but before it was the traditional building material for the construction of houses. Russian hut, English, Finnish and Swedish at home, Swiss Chalet is built without the use of wood. However, this tradition today is becoming increasingly popular and highly appreciated. Due to the professional design work, the combination of even older wood and finish frenzy: end-grain wood with graceful lamps and […]

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Design of the home office

IF you are going to work at home, you definitely need home office. On the one hand, this room shouldn’t be the coziest and the most stylish room in the house, as, perhaps, nobody, except you won’t see it. But, on the other hand, this room is space for you. Here you need to find inspiration while working. It would be better, we think to plan the creating of the […]

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Hoosier case for kitchen – convenient and practical

Closet-case for the kitchen-this is a sample of the classic kitchen furniture. And in the traditional kitchen design and layout samples of this type of furniture looks good, a convenient and practical. It is Must-Know Furniture: The Hoosier Cabinet. It is one of Painting and mural of old furniture. Advantages of narrow cabinets that compared with other items of the kitchen are quite significant. First of all, this type of furniture […]

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Advices for designing office at home

Home Setups That Serve You: Designing the Office isn’t an easy task. You will need a lot of patience to create perfect working place at home. It should be the room for you. Everything here should be nice.  Atmosphere of the office should be appropriate for working process. Avoid aggressive colors while creating perfect office. Think about such colors as grey, soft brown. You may also add few bright details. […]

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Interior: wood applications

Judging from various design activities, natural materials such as wood and The wood in the Interior: the relationship of the civilized world with nature are still in vogue. Increasingly, to create different objects using twigs and driftwood bring in warmth and character with reclaimed wood. There are many ways to help you enjoy the color and texture of rough wood in the house. Wooden wall in the bedroom. Using wood for […]

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Thinking More about Interior Design

What do you think if you hear the word “interior design”? It more about style, art, management, and great concept or perhaps some of you have different perception about it? The other opinion is this is a project that commonly did by an architect in purpose to show the concept of inside of room or another part of inside building. Many building which usually have nice interior design such as hotel, villa, […]

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The wood shone: varnishing

Glamour, glitter, beauty! All these words for lacquered wooden furniture. Almost all surfaces, wood, that surround us, processed by this method. An array is a noble gloss, read below. Stages of varnishing Waterlox Rocks on Wood Countertops: – Lacquering of wood-a laborious process in which each step is important. If you miss something, or do the job badly, then the result is unlikely to satisfy the customer. Varnish tree in […]