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The 10 most popular home offices on houzz

Recently, the most popular are home offices, which many people photo spread in Ideabooks as the 10 most popular home offices on houzz and 13 wonderfully atypical home office chairs. Perhaps the reason for the growing popularity of home offices that now, people often work at home, or carry out part of their work at home. If you have a large room that may be converted into a home office, […]

real wood floor

Black and white wooden floor

Judging from all thought about best flooring and also from national and Trans – regional surveys, we would like to point out that there is no a clear answer what kind of design will be the most suitable for you and which one not. They both have their benefits and disadvantages. So, let’s start comparing process and finding out what can be appropriate for you personally. The most important point […]

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Design of the home office

IF you are going to work at home, you definitely need home office. On the one hand, this room shouldn’t be the coziest and the most stylish room in the house, as, perhaps, nobody, except you won’t see it. But, on the other hand, this room is space for you. Here you need to find inspiration while working. It would be better, we think to plan the creating of the […]

asian wood furniture

Features and benefits of wooden furniture

Wood is an excellent material to develop and create exclusive furniture, lively and incredibly cozy, attractive and durable, ergonomic and practical. And even the rapid development of scientific and technical progress, as the market and the emergence of new technologies and innovative materials not yet natural wood of valuable breeds less popular and in demand among admirers of natural beauty and style. Manufacture of Interior of wood. Advantages of furniture […]

bathroom sink and vanity ideas

Small Bathroom Sinks Ideas

Small bathroom sinks are important to think. How you are able to decorate your bathroom with various bathroom equipments like faucet which is connected with bathroom sink. If you are frustrated having small space for a sink, you can choose pedestal sink which is able to save your bathroom space. Don’t forget to match your entire bathroom equipments will match size. For example, you can choose bathroom sink which is combined […]

junckers wood floor

Makeover of Ronnie Wood’s old art studio

While designing house, you should know, there are rooms, which need more and less attention. You may think that the most important room are kitchen, bedroom and bath. However, this is not right. The most important room is that one, where you get the inspiration, where you work or make the activity you like. For example, Ronnie enjoy art. He always looks for inspiration in his art studio. This room […]

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The Inspiring Interior Design Magazine

Interior design magazine is important magazine for somebody who lives among the interior design world. This magazine is specific magazine that exposes and explain all of knowledge about interior design. The interior design magazine or bulletin has important value among the interior designer. This magazine will give some inspiration for designer about fresh ideas of interior design. Besides that, this magazine also becomes perfect media for the interior designers to express […]

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Color of cobalt gets the red carpet treatment

The very amazing, exciting event – is trend of 2013 by Em. Awards, with her discovery in the interior of dazzling color cobalt. Allison Williams with Tina Fey shook opening by electric shade cobalt gets the red carpet treatment. Such trend is already being used in homes, & I hope if modern designers recently strolling across the Majorelle garden, is noticed gamma in cobalt. Here are a few ways that […]