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Rustic style in the kitchen

Can I use natural wood in the kitchen? Designers argue! Some consider perverse array in the kitchen place, will be cracked. Others believe that there is nothing more beautiful cuisine rustic wood. Wooden rustic cuisine — the choice of those who appreciate the naturalness . The essence of this style in the veneration of the raw material. Solid wood kitchen look like they are made in a carpentry workshop, not […]

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Guest picks groovy office

Modern metropolis is steadily growing and changing, life in it boils. Companies begin more and more, and many of them tend to do in the office building is newly renovated, believing that office – this is the “face” of the company. To appreciate the reputation of firms such repair is a must, because the quality refurbished office – is the first step on the path to success. Interior design for […]

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Ideal home furniture – modern modular system

Today, the furniture industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom in new directions, original ideas and trends. It is what goes with leather furniture. Practicality furniture, ergonomics and ease of use are the main criteria the modern designers make the main emphasis in the development of new projects. Instead of rigid furniture designs standard came a completely new modular kits. Such collections include a wide range of different functional purpose of […]

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Painting and mural of old furniture

To update your old furniture is not only save a lot of money and give the sophistication of the housing. In furniture clings of the times, and in the relations of people surrounded by restored furniture, psychologists say substantially less problematic than with fans on a regular basis. Decorating With Antiques: Painted Furniture Brings the Eye Candy! Painting and decorative painting of furniture is produced by oil, gouache paint or […]

renovation bathroom ideas small

Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Small Space

People think that bathroom do not have to be spectacular because people will not spend much of their time in the bathroom. However, the limited time which is spent in the bathroom can be quality me time which will influence the mood for the whole day. That is why decorating the bathroom properly will be great investment for many people. When people are bored with their current bathroom decoration, they […]

bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget

Small bathroom remodels in a low budget

No matter how small your bathroom is, you still need money to remodel it. Before you star to remodel your bathroom, here are some tips to remodel your small bathroom on low budget. There are some models you can choose on remodel your small bathroom. The first model we offer to you is ‘Stylish Storage’, you can add an inexpensive or free shelves on your house to place it on your bathroom […]

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Furniture for small apartments: 10 items

Small apartment is a real treasure for experiments with the storage systems, interesting ideas. And the good atmosphere always evokes a sense of peace and comfort, but only then, when everything is superfluous skillfully hidden, but space correctly organized. For example, you can turn a Favorite Piece of Furniture Into a Vanity. To make this easier, we have a virtual tour of furniture online shopping and have chosen for you […]

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The Inspiring Interior Design Magazine

Interior design magazine is important magazine for somebody who lives among the interior design world. This magazine is specific magazine that exposes and explain all of knowledge about interior design. The interior design magazine or bulletin has important value among the interior designer. This magazine will give some inspiration for designer about fresh ideas of interior design. Besides that, this magazine also becomes perfect media for the interior designers to express […]