Choosing a kitchen countertop

Countertop in the kitchen is an integral and essential part of furniture, as well as the main element of the kitchen Interior and home design in General. For all of its existence it has to carry a lot of tests on the countertop we put hot and cold, my one hundred times a day, sharp and heavy objects, and so on, only you. What kind of countertop choose to match all of the criteria of Mistress? Cool Countertops: Wood and Stainless?

1) Countertops made of steel.

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The metal, which can be more reliable, more durable, hygienic and stronger than he is. The price of steel top is not much more expensive than CHIPBOARD and much cheaper than natural stone, is only one and a half, two thousand rubles per linear meter, with all its advantages.

Stainless steel, thickness of about 80 mm add to a sheet of high-quality PARTICLE BOARD with liquid nails, bend around edges, carefully brewed. These table tops made of metal are mostly straight, if you need a corner, he joins a seam and tightly sealed, is an additional and very laborious process, requires special equipment and skill. The Matt surface seams practically are not visible and glossy they are very aesthetic and subtle. The top bit of decoration options, circles, divorces, patterns and ornaments, or glossy mirror surface that is spectacularly for kitchens in high-tech style. The lower part of the table top stainless steel frame with plastic edge and bend up to the moisture got behind furniture and cabinets.

The metal surface will withstand any hot dishes; you can without fear of being put on a blazing hot pans and sauce pans. And all scratches are removed by buffing again, which can be carried out from time to time, returning tope steel brand new look. But note that over time, the metal tarnish and tends to keep the stains from fingers, that looks pretty ugly, and it’s a big minus.

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2) Wooden tabletop. Wood in the Interior? Stylish and modern!

For these table tops are very hard types of wood, such as pine, alder, pine, oak, larch, birch, and so on. The price of the wooden top is two thousand dollars per linear meter and above.

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