Curtains from natural wooden materials

Woven Wood Shades Tie Rooms Together are a fabric consisting of stems of various breeds, intertwined with natural fibers, going from the bottom up. How to Mix Wood Furniture Finishes?

At all times the natural raw materials as materials for the production of a variety of different products in high demand and deserved respect.

natural woven shade

One of the varieties of products made from natural materials is the curtains. They are suitable for any interior, decorated with wooden elements.

Look very solid and respectable. Are these curtains of special cloth-bound fibers of wood, cane, bamboo and other natural materials. This uses only ecologically clean natural raw materials. Noble and incredibly refined look of Wicker blinds will have to to even the most discerning and demanding clients, who appreciate the maximum comfort and quality.

These blinds are widely used at registration of premises in the Eastern or English style.

woven bamboo

Advantages of woven blinds:

  • In their manufacture using only natural materials (American larch, sisal, bamboo, grass, jute and linen);
  • To consolidate the cornice to the ceiling or wall, depending on the desires of the customer and the design of the window aperture;
  • A wide range of ways to weave curtains, shades and textures that make these curtains universal;
  • Combining different materials;
  • Possibility of decoration curtains 6 kinds braid.

These curtains are of two types:

– Roman blinds (gather the folds);

– roll-up (coiled in the bottom bar).

The Roman system of Government. This mechanism is similar to the popular nowadays Roman curtain. It is going to spread the undulating folds. As with roll system, management of this kind of bamboo fabric is by means of a cord. Assembled curtain takes about 24 cm.

Roll control system (Roll-Up). In this way the Office curtain starts to assemble in the roll with the bottom edge. Manage it very simple-enough to turn or pull cord, dangling along the curtains. Bamboo curtains are placed over the window opening and the assembled are about 17 cm.

Cloth for curtains ROLL-UP is wood, Wicker, bamboo, as well as the roll tissue from natural collection Wooden walls in an Interior.

20 Photos of the Curtains from natural wooden materials

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