How to save an old wooden wall from outside influences

During Houzz tour of the North-West, our attention was drawn to a beach house designer Hullinger up close diy salvaged wood wall. Visitors interested by preserved wooden walls, which he built in this home.
When viewing photos in a wooden wall, Hullinger came throw a folded wooden wall in Manhattan. When using building up close diy salvaged wood wall materials, he performed the nice idea of ​​this slat walls, adding outstanding features to the interior.
Such wooden elements make little corner wall in the living- room. Despite of fact that piece of wood was not possible to save most of parts of approximately same colors.
Carpenter Hullinger begun by dividing of pieces from wood “1 x 2″ or “1 x 1″ ones. Beginning from bottom wall, it is hammered angle to add each piece of wood.
Hullinger with his carpenter began from random drawing. “We wished to make sure that it caught your eyes,” he said, “but it will not take up too much of the wall, during you look at it.”
Extra support has been added to wall, because the new cladding was quite massive. “2 x 4′ block was put the substrate for gypsum board for prevention wooden forms from being damaged.
There are eight rot resistant woods for outdoor home projects.
So: if you are interested to establish similar in your home, Hullinger said that it is certainly possible – eventually.
“If landlord owns saw is able to hammer a nail, has a stock of wood & a lot of patience, this may be achieved,” he said.
“It’s similar to a puzzle- when putting all items together. For some people it as a challenge, while others did not allow such a thought.” 8 rot resistant woods for your outdoor projects.

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