Interior: wood applications

Judging from various design activities, natural materials such as wood and The wood in the Interior: the relationship of the civilized world with nature are still in vogue. Increasingly, to create different objects using twigs and driftwood bring in warmth and character with reclaimed wood.

There are many ways to help you enjoy the color and texture of rough wood in the house.

reclaimed wood table top
  1. Wooden wall in the bedroom. Using wood for finishing one of the walls, you will be able to make the room warm and interesting, without sacrificing its pure-white palette. This wall is a wonderful headboard that fills an interesting palette of color and texture.
  2. Wood as a design element. If the House has a fireplace or stove, use firewood as their advantage. This area will not only store the logs in order, but is a great element of decoration.
  3. wood as a painting. Use an old wood as the picture is a terrific way to add wood to the design. At first it seems that the wall is made of wood, but because the beams are cut shorter, they become a sculptural object.
  4. heat of aged wood. Antique wood seems warm and homey, especially looks good in Pale Interior. Horizontal boards emphasize the height of the room and create an imitation chimney for the modern fireplace.
  5. wooden beams. A simple way to use tree-bare is already existing in house beams. Rather than paint them or cover trim, leave the beams as they are, only emphasize the roughing using wax.
  6. wood on the stairs. The ladder is an ideal place for walls-it will connect the top floor, bottom and provide visual interest. This Panel from recycled wood framed the white border, so it resembles a picture a hanging lamp helps to reveal the different shades of wood.
  7. the walls of the corridor. The corridor is another great place for use of wood sheathing. Here the bent corridor stressed wood beams are laid horizontally in the direction of travel.

20 Photos of the Interior: wood applications

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