Makeover of Ronnie Wood’s old art studio

While designing house, you should know, there are rooms, which need more and less attention. You may think that the most important room are kitchen, bedroom and bath. However, this is not right. The most important room is that one, where you get the inspiration, where you work or make the activity you like. For example, Ronnie enjoy art. He always looks for inspiration in his art studio. This room is considered to be the most important in his room. Here he feels spirit of freedom, freedom of his thoughts. Thanks to “My Houzz” Ronnie Wood’s Old Art Studio Gets a Makeover. You need to know, What about wood in the bathroom?. You will find a lot of ideas here. If you are looking for some inspiration for redesigning your old art studio, you may find it here. Good art studio always should have chaos. However, this chaos should be well-organized. You always need to find inspiration here. Adding colorful wood panels will make your wood art studio brighter. Don’t be afraid to add bright details. IT always makes room look more special. You also may create an antique art studio. You, actually, ought to use style you like, as this room shouldn’t annoy you. Use colors you like only. Choose reliable furniture and wooden or laminate floor. While, spicing up Ronnie Wood’s old art studio, we add some modern details. Actually, every room seems to be special here. Everything has the spirit of freedom. It was important not to lose it, while redesigning it.  We use white color almost in every room. Adding black or bright colors to make contrast, we get excellent results.

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17 Photos of the Makeover of Ronnie Wood’s old art studio

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