Modern farm house in Texas

When Shane Pavonetti tells people that spent on this modern Wild for Wood in Central Texas.

$ 165,000, then quickly added: “most likely you will not be able to meet such an amount”. That’s because he was the architect and the general contractor, and wife Holly was an interior designer.

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“We were not paid to contractors, architects or designers,” says the owner of the House. You too can build a House for the money, but get ready to spend a full year of his life. Of course, the cost will be reduced by 50%, but it will take two and a half times longer. Wood furniture: create your own eco-style.

House in figures. Location: Austin, Texas. Who live here: Shane and Holly Pavonetti, and their dog Ripley. Size: 139 square meters; 3 bedrooms, 1 ½ bathrooms. Cost: $ 165,000 (excluding the cost of home design and construction management).

“We have been saving every cent I watched every detail like a hawk”, says Shane. The owner had to make sure that all the construction materials are spent economically and for the intended purpose.

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For siding, Cedar was chosen because of its abundance in Texas its historical links with the area and atmospheric resistance. The siding is installed vertically, so that the House seemed taller and slimmer than it really is.

The steel frame is prepared for the future of the patio, but as long as he has no money.

Inside the owners like to get great free spaces but keep a small bedroom. “We spend a little time in the bedroom, basically everyone likes to spend time at the bottom”-says Shane. Look under the ceiling, thin ropes put traditional puffs on rafters, beautiful and elegant concept.

Holly played a large role in the Interior be. The wooden doors of the Chinese temple, the mother of Holly bought ten years ago, nearby is a container decorated under a tree stump, which her grandfather had brought from the Philippines during the second world war. The chandelier was bought for $ 85 in Mexico; the horns of moose picked up in Michigan; Blue Chair and rug bought at Ikea.

15 Photos of the Modern farm house in Texas

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