Moss natures carpet for the style garden

Moss natures carpet for the garden will be created a unique comfort for your garden. It can be obtained as follows:
“Natural” carpet can create easy- in this case, you just need to wait until he emerges from volunteer dispute. The advantage of this method is that it is a carpet that is suitable for your soil, humidity, lighting. The disadvantage is also obvious: there is no guarantee that it will.

However, you can trigger the growth of moss: peel and chop the ground with a rake, and also to use herbicides to clear the soil of weeds. If everything was done correctly and regularly weeded plot, then two years later to appear patches of moss, and five – full coverage.

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Preparation of the soil for moss natures carpet for the garden and abundant watering during the first year is vital.
On the prepared area at intervals of 25-30 cm between the centers of planted areas of moss and support their growth. Moss need to cut with a sharp knife to a depth of 5 cm, taking care not to crush. And it is better to look for on the site. If you decide to gather in the woods, remember that you are breaking the balance of nature (and the law).

To help restore the balance, collect trash around the plant and place to place, from cut moss. This will help the forest floor delayed. In suitable conditions can create dense moss carpet for the year.

One of the most popular ways for roll out the red carpet for a garden thats a smash hit. It is necessary to grind the desired type of moss, dispel slices on prepared ground (you can mix them with yogurt and pour this mixture of land) and wait for the carpet. This method is often recommended in the literature, but it is rarely used by collectors, since, in practice, only a few mosses so multiply.

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20 Photos of the Moss natures carpet for the style garden

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