Oscars: from home décor to the red carpet

Ideas for your home décor are undoubtedly significant. Moreover, even the most respected celebrities from time to time draw the inspiration for their sparkling and impressive cloths from interior decoration and arrangement. Additionally, sometimes this happen vise versa.

If you have ever observed Oscar awards you might be inspired by some solutions and ideas of costumes. They might be easily embodied in real life. For instance, the Anne Hathaway’s fringe dress in gold shades is a perfect interior solution for those who want to create a retro styled bedroom but with gorgeous atmosphere.

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Go twice further and fulfill your living room in the stylish colors which were used for the ceremony by Amy Adams and Andy Moore – deep blue with lots of shine. Furthermore, another feasible solution for your home area is burgundy shades of wall-papers with silver additions, just the same combination Natalie Portman used on her outfit. Oprah Winfrey tends to advertise almost-black and silver mix for creating elegance at your dwelling. Curved shapes and cream colors looks fabulous no matter where whether on the body of Melissa Leo or in your accommodation.

Try to get as much ideas for your home décor from the superstars as possible because they know for sure how to create appropriate style.

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20 Photos of the Oscars: from home décor to the red carpet

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