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Luxury amid rural – Carmel Residence

Today we offer you discuss contemporary design a project called Carmel Residence. It implemented the talented masters of Toby Long Design architectural Studio, and Cipriani Studios Design. This superb building – Wood and Wonder in a Modern Carmel Residence – located in Millbrae California. The sophisticated style of this contemporary home is complemented by interesting texture appearance of the façade. Tiles used to furnish most of the building are just […]

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The wood shone: varnishing

Glamour, glitter, beauty! All these words for lacquered wooden furniture. Almost all surfaces, wood, that surround us, processed by this method. An array is a noble gloss, read below. Stages of varnishing Waterlox Rocks on Wood Countertops: – Lacquering of wood-a laborious process in which each step is important. If you miss something, or do the job badly, then the result is unlikely to satisfy the customer. Varnish tree in […]

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Wooden walls in an Interior

In the House, where the emphasis is placed on the tree always feels inviting warmth. A magnificent rustic style perfectly coexists with others and it is popular at any time. The tree looks warm and richly in the matter that they finished floor or wall. Today there are many ways to enjoy the color and texture of wood in the form of small strokes and extensive finishing. A particularly warm […]

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Curtains from natural wooden materials

Woven Wood Shades Tie Rooms Together are a fabric consisting of stems of various breeds, intertwined with natural fibers, going from the bottom up. How to Mix Wood Furniture Finishes? At all times the natural raw materials as materials for the production of a variety of different products in high demand and deserved respect. One of the varieties of products made from natural materials is the curtains. They are suitable […]

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Features and benefits of wooden furniture

Wood is an excellent material to develop and create exclusive furniture, lively and incredibly cozy, attractive and durable, ergonomic and practical. And even the rapid development of scientific and technical progress, as the market and the emergence of new technologies and innovative materials not yet natural wood of valuable breeds less popular and in demand among admirers of natural beauty and style. Manufacture of Interior of wood. Advantages of furniture […]

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Wooden elements in the interior

The use of wood in the Interior allows for a very special mood, because every piece of this living material is inexpressible feeling of natural harmony. It is the kind of beauty that is clear and is loved by everyone. Not in vain so often finish in bedrooms and living room is made of wood, even just considering it, you relax and tune in a positive way. Wooden interiors is […]

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Rustic style in the kitchen

Can I use natural wood in the kitchen? Designers argue! Some consider perverse array in the kitchen place, will be cracked. Others believe that there is nothing more beautiful cuisine rustic wood. Wooden rustic cuisine — the choice of those who appreciate the naturalness . The essence of this style in the veneration of the raw material. Solid wood kitchen look like they are made in a carpentry workshop, not […]