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Brickwork kitchen Interior

Kitchen of the Week: Brick, Wood and Clean White Lines. Masonry bricks are perfect for the kitchen or dining room. At your discretion you can decorate one or all of the walls. You can lay out brick ceiling or limitation to the protective panel, kitchen apron. Than good brickwork is that option you can choose absolutely any finish, in any case it looks harmoniously, besides the decor perfectly complements the […]

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Solid wood kitchens

Wooden kitchen is appropriate and in the apartment and cottage. But what is modern furniture? Know whether it is wooden and is it always done in a classic style? See How Wood Warms Modern White Kitchens. The design of facades. Wood veneer. This is the most common design: the frame is made from solid and veneer fanerovana Panel. Texture detail as is similar, and it seems that they are made […]

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The color and wood

Whether it is flooring or piece of furniture: the wood is used in a variety of ways and forms, and with many different nuances. All this influences the choice of tones of paint for the walls. Depending on the type of wood it is recommended that you use different colors and their combinations. Contrasting surroundings will help you emphasize pieces of furniture and decoration of the tone-in-tone is consonant to […]

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Wooden wall: practical and beautiful

The walls in the room take up the most compared to a floor and a ceiling. Therefore, it is important to choose high-quality finish and impressive, as she immediately threw himself into the eyes, as a senior member of the Interior. In general the tree is one of the most common building material, especially in Russia, because the wood is durable and eco-friendly product, and very attractive in appearance. From […]

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Aniline dyes

Hardwood, such as walnut, plane tree, pear, etc., with beautiful natural coloring, usually gets off with preservation of natural color. It is known what goes with wood cabinets and the pro finishing secret: aniline dye for wood. Aniline dyes are used: a) to paint wood to which it is not in kind; b) to give the wood a darker tone; in) to eliminate the difference in coloring of parts. Aniline […]

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Wood furniture: create your own eco-style

Despite the development of scientific and technological progress and the advent of new technologies not only production, but also new materials, wood still remains a popular material for making furniture. What Goes With Wood Cabinets? This is not just a “Hello” from the depth of centuries but also stylish, solid addition to the Interior of the House. Because the furniture made from natural wood of valuable breeds has always been […]

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Modern farm house in Texas

When Shane Pavonetti tells people that spent on this modern Wild for Wood in Central Texas. $ 165,000, then quickly added: “most likely you will not be able to meet such an amount”. That’s because he was the architect and the general contractor, and wife Holly was an interior designer. “We were not paid to contractors, architects or designers,” says the owner of the House. You too can build a […]