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The wood in the Interior: the relationship of the civilized world with nature

Wood, primarily associated with the floors and furniture, but before it was the traditional building material for the construction of houses. Russian hut, English, Finnish and Swedish at home, Swiss Chalet is built without the use of wood. However, this tradition today is becoming increasingly popular and highly appreciated. Due to the professional design work, the combination of even older wood and finish frenzy: end-grain wood with graceful lamps and […]

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Interior: wood applications

Judging from various design activities, natural materials such as wood and The wood in the Interior: the relationship of the civilized world with nature are still in vogue. Increasingly, to create different objects using twigs and driftwood bring in warmth and character with reclaimed wood. There are many ways to help you enjoy the color and texture of rough wood in the house. Wooden wall in the bedroom. Using wood for […]

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Stylish wooden accessories for the home with his own hands

Wood creates a special atmosphere in the Interior. It looks great in any room, does not lose its beauty over time, fits in almost any style. Accessories from untreated wood are a great way to add charm to your home of wildlife. In our review of the-woodwork, are easy to create with its own hands. Production of these items is available not only for those who have a lot of […]

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Design Elements made of Reclaimed Wood

If you really care about the environment stop cut down forest. However, you, perhaps want to live in the natural house, using wood as the main material. It is still possible. You may use Reclaimed Wood, which can look very interesting. You may use Reclaimed Wood anywhere. Don’t want to paint a wall? Add reclaimed wood to the wall. Create wood floor from the old boards. Create smaller table from […]

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Use Reclaimed Wood

It is difficult to believe, but reclaimed wood can look even better than the new one. You will be impressed, when you see the changing of the wood material. Be Design Greener: Using Reclaimed Wood. You may create furniture from reclaimed wood. OF course, you need to know Design Elements made of Reclaimed Wood. There are, actually, a lot of thing you may do with reclaimed wood. Don’t forget, you […]

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Wonderful ways to use raw – natural wood

While creating cozy room in your house, you won’t be able to make it cozy without wood. Yes, really, this material seems to become very popular. Nowadays, people use wood even in bathrooms. However, this material is not a cheap one. IF you are going to add wood to the interior of your house you need to know few things about it. First of all, you need to know Use […]

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Colors that match for the wood details

Wood is the most famous material. And that is not strange, as this natural material looks really awesome. However, to create stylish room with wood details, you should know few rules. Which colors match for the room with wood details? Actually, it depends, how much wood details you have got and what are that details like? IF you have Wonderful ways to use raw – natural wood in your room, you […]