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How to create Scrap-Wood Bench by your own?

IF you are looking for some ideas for making your house look special, here your are. DIY Project: Artful Scrap-Wood Bench isn’t very difficult to do. However, it looks gorgeous. This project will become a stylidh detail of your house. All you need is to find bright scrap. Or even just scrap, you may paint it, or even add some pictures on it. The main idea of creating such a […]

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What about wood in the bathroom?

While creating bathroom, a lot of people even don’t thing about what material to use. Tile became the most common one. Though this material is very popular, it is not the best one. You may be impressed a little, but wood is also appropriate for bathrooms. However, people not very often choose the wood for designing their bathrooms. There are a lot of things you may do with wood in […]

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Makeover of Ronnie Wood’s old art studio

While designing house, you should know, there are rooms, which need more and less attention. You may think that the most important room are kitchen, bedroom and bath. However, this is not right. The most important room is that one, where you get the inspiration, where you work or make the activity you like. For example, Ronnie enjoy art. He always looks for inspiration in his art studio. This room […]

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Stunning Makeover – Houzz Tour

Every house has its own character. The most important thing is to find it. The only one person who can do it – it is the owner of the house, as his character is also the character of the house. When we redesigned houses, we also think about the owners and ask his or hers advices. You may create everything you want. Change the style of your house. Spice up […]

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Painting Wood Paneling

There are many ideas how to make your room look interesting. You always may add some bright details to make your room look more attractive. IF you are ready for bigger changes, you may change the floor. For example, Laminate Floors will help you to Stunning Makeover – Houzz Tour. You may also paint it to give the look brighter look. By the way, Knotty to Nice: Painted Wood Paneling […]

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Advantages and disadvantages of laminate floor

Laminate floor looks very natural. Actually, Laminate Floors: Get the Look of Wood. It looks like wood, but is much cheaper. IF you are looking for nice ideas to your house, you always may choose adding  Design Elements: Beautiful Reclaimed Wood. Combine it with laminate floor and your room will look just perfect. You should know laminate floor is very stylish. You should also know, this material can look like […]

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Wood floor care: polish your skills

Historically, taking care of your wood floor has been a significant question for every home-owner. However, throughout the time the skills, equipment and experience in that field have improved markedly and nowadays as easy as abc. Here are some smart practical recommendations on how to save the impressive look of your wood floor and give it outstanding appearance. Smooth surface might be maintained by simple actions. Before you start to […]