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Designer confessions: torn between wood floors

Great diversity of floors nowadays has become a commonplace in many countries. There are so many variants to choose from that people are creating their own styles. Moreover, in certain situations there is an urgent task – to set visually more space in the room with the help of right floor. It is not necessary inlaying glassy mirrors into your cover but it has to be something light. Unstained plank […]

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What goes with dark wood floors?

Advice on how to make dark floor made of wood look elegant and fashionable requires a good taste in colors. Nobody wants their furnishings look goofy or to make an effect of falling into a bottomless pit with dark floor. There are several ways to create a lovely atmosphere within your home with the help of dark wooden flooring and sensible additions. The first advice is to combine dark shades […]

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Your floor: an introduction to solid plank wood floors

It is no doubt true that every single person like to invest in his or her home and one of the ways to do it properly is to choose the best materials for your floor. Correct choice is most likely to bring comfort and functional warmth for every corner of your accommodation. There are different types of flooring: concrete, tiled, cotta, marble or even mosaic, however wooden covering has always […]

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When to use engineered wood floors

Engineered floor made of wood is a sturdy and stable covering of your home. It is often confused with a bit more complicated types of floorings like solid plank floors. Even the most competent and experienced people might entangle these types of cover layer. However, there are certainly some peculiarities that defines engineered floor from others. First of all, it has to be mentioned that wooden floors have always been […]

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Black and white wooden floor

Judging from all thought about best flooring and also from national and Trans – regional surveys, we would like to point out that there is no a clear answer what kind of design will be the most suitable for you and which one not. They both have their benefits and disadvantages. So, let’s start comparing process and finding out what can be appropriate for you personally. The most important point […]

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Ideas for wooden floors

Different Wooden floors are not very difficult in its construction, shape or even the price isn’t extremely high. The most innovative nowadays, we can consider floors with hardwood. They are really practical and adorable. Hardwood can be painted almost with every color, so it might be really convenient for you to make it in a proper design for your divided room or the whole house. Speaking about all possible ideas […]

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Painted wood floors

Painted wood floors are said to be one of the most popular nowadays among young people, who would like to bring something new to their lives. To be frank, and do not hide important information from you, we want to claim that you are becoming under the huge risk, because such a process (repaint your floor, especially if it is new and made of natural material) is messy and not […]