small bathroom sink vanities

Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathroom which is functional and stylish of course cannot be refused by anyone. It must be great to have a bathroom which is designed prettily with beautiful bathroom vanity ideas. However, many people find it hard to get the bathroom with a great look if they have small spaced bathroom. Many people have to be satisfied with limited space in the bathroom. Space limitation will also limit the opportunity for decorating […]

subway tile bathroom

Subway Tile Bathroom for Classic Look

Recently, subway tile bathroom is getting more and more popular among people who want to have a bathroom with different look. Bathroom with different look surely will help people to enjoy their time in the bathroom better. Bathroom can be functional space in the house since it will be used when people need to do something associated with sanitary. Nevertheless, people will also find great me time experience in the bathroom which […]

bathroom sink ideas pictures

Small Bathroom Sinks Ideas

Small bathroom sinks are important to think. How you are able to decorate your bathroom with various bathroom equipments like faucet which is connected with bathroom sink. If you are frustrated having small space for a sink, you can choose pedestal sink which is able to save your bathroom space. Don’t forget to match your entire bathroom equipments will match size. For example, you can choose bathroom sink which is combined […]

small bathroom vanities ikea

Decorating Your Bathroom Using Ikea Bathroom Vanity

Ikea bathroom vanity is perfect choice for your bathroom decoration. There are various equipments to be completed to make your bathroom more relaxing. In order to make you easy finding various bathroom equipments, you can choose these equipments for your further decoration. Washstands are suitable equipment to save your bathroom equipments like toothpaste and handy clean. If you want to choose washstand for your small space, you can choose white washstand […]

install bathroom faucet

Type of Bathroom Faucet for Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom faucet is also important equipment for bathroom decoration. There are many kinds of bathroom faucet that you can choose to make your bathroom decoration more attractive. Do you want to know what are they? The first faucet type is bridge. This faucet is one combination of modern technology and also old fashioned style. If you choose this faucet, you can hear water flows in your pipe. You can install this […]

bathroom cabinets and sinks

How To Choose Bathroom Sink Cabinets

There are many bathroom sink cabinets you can choose in the store. The sink and cabinets which are mixed together will save your bathroom space. In addition, it can make your room decoration tidier. Now, you must know what you must consider if you want to buy bathroom sink cabinet for your bathroom. Before you go to the store, you must decide what your bathroom theme decoration. This important step you must […]

what are jack and jill bathrooms

The Advantages of Jack And Jill Bathroom

Jack and jill bathroom can be built between your bedroom and hall. You can also build this bathroom between two bedrooms. Commonly, this bathroom idea is shared bathroom which be able to be used for home members together. Bathroom is a private space which is only one person who uses it. But this bathroom gives various benefits for you. Jack and jill bathroom is suitable for your kid bathroom. They can learn […]