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Cardboard furniture

Cardboard furniture is another excellent idea in favor of the planet and our health, which is also a low-cost, original and environmentally friendly. It’s a kind of Mobile Furniture: put a wheel on it. Table, chairs, stools, cabinets, furniture, Wall shelves is all you can make out of cardboard, without a huge effort. The benefits are obvious-such furniture is lightweight, durable, eco-friendly, affordable and, most importantly, it is easy to […]

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Ideal home furniture – modern modular system

Today, the furniture industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom in new directions, original ideas and trends. It is what goes with leather furniture. Practicality furniture, ergonomics and ease of use are the main criteria the modern designers make the main emphasis in the development of new projects. Instead of rigid furniture designs standard came a completely new modular kits. Such collections include a wide range of different functional purpose of […]

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Luxury leather furniture

If you are a fan of luxury and elegant style, then you will be able to truly appreciate the beauty of leather furniture. What Goes With Leather Furniture? This furniture is durable and is particularly dazzle, it is perfect for those who appreciate comfort and want to emphasize their high position in the society. Leather furniture has many advantages-if high quality leather upholstery, the furniture will delight you with its […]

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Painting and mural of old furniture

To update your old furniture is not only save a lot of money and give the sophistication of the housing. In furniture clings of the times, and in the relations of people surrounded by restored furniture, psychologists say substantially less problematic than with fans on a regular basis. Decorating With Antiques: Painted Furniture Brings the Eye Candy! Painting and decorative painting of furniture is produced by oil, gouache paint or […]

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Hoosier case for kitchen – convenient and practical

Closet-case for the kitchen-this is a sample of the classic kitchen furniture. And in the traditional kitchen design and layout samples of this type of furniture looks good, a convenient and practical. It is Must-Know Furniture: The Hoosier Cabinet. It is one of Painting and mural of old furniture. Advantages of narrow cabinets that compared with other items of the kitchen are quite significant. First of all, this type of furniture […]

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Secondhand Furniture: how to choose?

No wonder many people restore old furniture, inherited from grandparents, and even one that, at times, it comes from the former owners of apartment, and someone even buys used furniture. This is the most inexpensive way to furnish your apartment or cottage. Because furniture, second-hand, still can last more than one year, and the main thing you have to know how to choose it and how to repair, upgrade. So, […]

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Spice up your furniture with new knobs and pulls

IF you think your furniture is out of fashion and you want to change it, you always may buy a new one. However, if you are looking for cheaper variant, you may Bedeck Your Furniture With New Knobs and Pulls. There are variety of them: different colors, shapes, sizes. Thanks to such details you even may change the whole style of the room. You may paint your furniture to make […]