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Arranging of the furniture in narrow and long spaces

IT is very important create perfect and suitable to the form of room design. IF you are owner of a little unstandardized room – narrow and long, we will help you to arrange furniture in the perfect way. The first option is to put almost everything on the one side. For example, sofas, table, chair on the left and only tv on the right side. IT looks very interesting. You […]

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DIY Glides for tables, sofas and chairs

When you create room, you want everything to be perfect. You are looking for interesting ideas, read texts, like ‘’Budget Decorator: Arranging of the furniture in narrow and long spaces”. You choose nice design, install expensive floor, buy extraordinary furniture. However, soon you see, that this furniture leaves some trace on the floor. That is because of the metal bottom(glides). To avoid it you need to know about Furniture Clinic: […]

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Home office on a budget

If you are looking for interesting ideas for creating nice working place, but every idea seems to be very expensive, you read the right text. Here you will find idea how to create cheap and interesting design of the working place. You will find here Budget Decorator: 10 Tips for a Stylish and Personal Home Office. So, first of all you need to decide what is your budget and how […]

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Advices for designing office at home

Home Setups That Serve You: Designing the Office isn’t an easy task. You will need a lot of patience to create perfect working place at home. It should be the room for you. Everything here should be nice.  Atmosphere of the office should be appropriate for working process. Avoid aggressive colors while creating perfect office. Think about such colors as grey, soft brown. You may also add few bright details. […]

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Credenza for your working place

While creating office at home, you need to know that the most important part of it is table. You need office credenza to be comfortable and compact. IT should also be suitable for the décor of the room. Actually, The Credenza: Compact Office Storage With Style. It will definitely look well. All you need is to choose right size, perfect color and appropriate design. Look for the Advices for designing […]

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Easy way to create office at home

IF you want to make a pleasure for your husband, you need to create a comfortable home office for him. Looking on the Internet Room of the Day: Easing Into a Home Office Update. It seems to look really nice. You will find a lot of interesting ideas for home office. However, you need to Credenza for your working place. Add some interesting details, be creative. You may choose soft […]

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Design of the home office

IF you are going to work at home, you definitely need home office. On the one hand, this room shouldn’t be the coziest and the most stylish room in the house, as, perhaps, nobody, except you won’t see it. But, on the other hand, this room is space for you. Here you need to find inspiration while working. It would be better, we think to plan the creating of the […]