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Jewel Tones for your furniture

While creating stylish room, you always pay attention to some part of the room. It may be bright walls or bright carper, colorful details or light furniture. By the way, today is On Trend: Discover International Furniture Gems in Jewel Tones. Very often people choose grey or soft walls for their room, which makes room look very ordinary. However, it also makes it look calm and warm. All you need […]

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Home office details

It is often very difficult to work at home. To make your working easier you need to create home office. However, that won’t be an easy task. There are a lot of details you will need to buy or make by your own for your office at home. Guest Picks: Hide a Home Office in Plain Sight. First of all, you need think about working desk or table. It should […]

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Guest picks combine a home office and guest room in style

There is a perfect union: home office and guest room! Want to see where you work or read- it was not only quiet and light, but also comfortable. The room can be the guest picks combine a home office and guest room in style in a cabinet, so it will not look like an office. This cabinet has a paneled door and looks therefore as office furniture, it could well […]

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Guest picks retro charm for a home office

Most of us have a home office – it’s just a desk and chair, which is used to work at a computer and conduct home accounting. However, the design and décor of this corner – is an important factor. Today we talk about interior guest picks retro charm for a home office. It should be noted that the guest picks combine a home office and guest room in style does […]

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Guest picks groovy office

Modern metropolis is steadily growing and changing, life in it boils. Companies begin more and more, and many of them tend to do in the office building is newly renovated, believing that office – this is the “face” of the company. To appreciate the reputation of firms such repair is a must, because the quality refurbished office – is the first step on the path to success. Interior design for […]

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A desk for every home office

Buying a desk for every home office – which means largely simplify your life, give comfort and convenience. Still nicer home or at work sitting at a comfortable table than on the couch curled up in a zigzag or restrict a side table. To choose a desk for every home office – it is not only the notorious “like – not like it.” Pay attention to the price-performance ratio. It […]

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13 wonderfully atypical home office chairs

Let’s tell the truth: those office chairs, which we know, are not going to win prizes for style. Of course, they are comfortable & ergonomic enough to keep our bodies in the necessary time and conference calls, but this is often their attributes and end. Inspiration form a gray interior and clumsy bases create for them utilitarian at best, and at worst 13 wonderfully atypical home office chairs – thorn […]