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21 Ways to Arrange Carpet Tiles Like a Pro

Clever decisions for remaking tiles of the carpet have always been in value. Imagine you are totally renewing the style of your living room only by making your tiles more original. Checkerboard pattern is for sure on of the most frequently used ideas for covering the floor. A great alteration will be to use it in compliance with stripes or with thee-tile checkerboard. If you need something really special – […]

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Lose It: 4 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Carpet

Making the best of your old carpet might be extremely piddling task. However, there is much that can be done to get as many benefits of aged item as possible. Here some tips how to act in such situation. You may sell you old carpet. There might be a lot of people who will appreciate your rug. Moreover, the statistics show that as usual people get rid of old furnishing […]

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Oscars: from home décor to the red carpet

Ideas for your home décor are undoubtedly significant. Moreover, even the most respected celebrities from time to time draw the inspiration for their sparkling and impressive cloths from interior decoration and arrangement. Additionally, sometimes this happen vise versa. If you have ever observed Oscar awards you might be inspired by some solutions and ideas of costumes. They might be easily embodied in real life. For instance, the Anne Hathaway’s fringe […]

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Best nontoxic methods for carpeting

A lot of people nowadays are worried about natural covering their floor with carpets. As up-to-date people have problems with their health they want to avoid getting a lot of poisoned chemicals which can be provided from their carpets, that is why we want to present you some material which are really great for your home and do not created gasses – off. First and foremost, you can choose a […]

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Have your own red carpet

There are a lot of different reasons of having the own red carpet or floor covering. Firstly, we can remember, traditionally myth of returning heroes from Troy. They used special red carpets in order to go through it. People considered, that just heroes can use red color of carpets, but not ordinary people. Remember, that movie stars get Oscar and other awards using red carpets, so it may be like […]

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Pick up the right carpet material

Picking up carpets for your own flat is not actually a simple process, so you have to know about the purpose of some carpets and actually about the materials they are made of. You also have to know, that the carpet has to suit your design. It shouldn’t be different in a tone and color as well. Let’s talk about all possible materials you can use for your carpet, and […]

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Alternative ideas of carpeting staircase

Traditional covering the room with carpets involve just carpeting process and no creativity. That is why, a lot of people, do not want to have a carpeting in their homes. However, we can offer you a lot of different brilliant alternative ideas of having carpets in your flat or house. First of all. Try to pick up the design of carpeting which will suit the design of the whole house, […]