how much is wall to wall carpeting

Reasons to love wall-to-wall carpeting

It is commonly known that a lot of people treat carpeting like traditional and even folk style, but even those people, who like elegant trendy and even luxurious designs can set up carpeting in their homes and flats. Carpeting can prevent your room from echo. If you have a lot of children, or you just want to have a nice voice-isolation in your home – carpeting can be a great […]

wooden front door

Sliding wood interior doors – originality and functionality natural beauty of the modern interior

In the modern interior of an apartment or house, natural beauty gorgeous unpainted wood doors play a significant role. Particularly popular acquire sliding interior doors. Why so? Obviously- this choice is because this attribute is exquisitely elegant fit into the interior of any room. The doors are designed mainly to distinguish between the interior space, and perform aesthetic functions. Sliding natural beauty gorgeous unpainted wood doors and harmonious look in […]

homewoods suites

Wood for making nice home exteriors

Apart from the excellent decorative properties, wood home exteriors branch out is probably the most hygienic construction material. Therefore, the timber can be used anywhere without fear of harm to the environment or human health. However, wood home exteriors branch out has a number of shortcomings, and, so to speak, “Birth”. The main ones are flammable and vulnerable to all sorts of pests – from fungi to insects, for which […]

most weather resistant wood

There are eight rot resistant woods for outdoor home projects

Natural woodworking is a perfect choice to add comfort to the garden constructions – such as combs, fences, grills, etc. Most of the lumber chemically treated to prevent rot. However, some types of wood have excellent opportunities to rot which can facilitate their use in the open air without chemical processing. Previously, farmers take wood to preclude rotting. Farmers from New England were planted Osage Orange, that draw border areas […]

salvaged wood

How to save an old wooden wall from outside influences

During Houzz tour of the North-West, our attention was drawn to a beach house designer Hullinger up close diy salvaged wood wall. Visitors interested by preserved wooden walls, which he built in this home. When viewing photos in a wooden wall, Hullinger came throw a folded wooden wall in Manhattan. When using building up close diy salvaged wood wall materials, he performed the nice idea of ​​this slat walls, adding […]

wood floor design

Wood for good modern design

It is not surprising this fact, that in the rapidly developing civilization and all consequences arising from this, more and more people seek to protect themselves from the negative factors that create not only comfortable, but also safe living conditions. This substantial assistance we have natural materials used in interior design. Wood for good modern design – is a natural, environmentally friendly material, which is able to create an atmosphere […]

colors of wood

Patterns and colors in the blue-green colors combined with wood in a beautiful house in Los Angeles

When this impressive, solid couple: he is an expert in the financial media, and she is a child psychologist – moved into his house, located in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, their home was waiting for the spouses in perfect condition. The previous owner houzz tour patterns and colors flirt with wood in los angeles has restored its chic appearance, restoring the warm and rich wood shine. But his wife would […]