Rustic style in the kitchen

Can I use natural wood in the kitchen? Designers argue! Some consider perverse array in the kitchen place, will be cracked. Others believe that there is nothing more beautiful cuisine rustic wood.

Wooden rustic cuisine — the choice of those who appreciate the naturalness . The essence of this style in the veneration of the raw material. Solid wood kitchen look like they are made in a carpentry workshop, not a large furniture factory. Rustic furniture using only wood with beautiful pattern of annual rings. This may be the common oak, pine, beech, cherry or traditional Lebanese cedar. Importantly, those natural and material imperfections are considered of its main advantage.

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Your Kitchen: Mix Wood and Painted Finishes. The texture is evident. At wooden kitchens with unpainted surfaces of the eye is open all natural texture array. On painted surfaces the paint fills the pores and veins of wood fiber pattern, so completely also remains perfectly visible. The trendiest kind of finishing today, “antique”. Wood especially diligently: chipped and traces of beetle-Imago (the mimic special awl).

Kitchen of the Week: Brick, Wood and Clean White Lines. What to choose? Solid wood kitchen are relevant only in a large area with high ceilings, otherwise the Interior will be too bulky. You can select a primary set of painted wood with slightly less pronounced texture, and a couple of the top three items of furniture is made of unpainted.

In a small kitchen, it is best to use wooden furniture dotted-vintage pantry, kitchen carcass, a few shelves for dishes. In this case, pronounced texture tree will receive particular attention to itself.

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For the kitchen from wood as accessories are ideal glass jars with spices, bottles with vegetable oils and Vinegars, Wicker baskets, pottery, embroidered napkins and towels, bouquets of dried flowers.

For and against. Only expensive materials. Kitchen has a special microclimate, high humidity and constant temperature drops, and, of course, wood responds to these fluctuations.

But the tree is very “tenacious” material (that proves great condition of this antique furniture). Because the high-quality, expensive kitchen headsets from the array are not afraid of changes in temperature Wooden elements in the interior.

19 Photos of the Rustic style in the kitchen

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