Solid wood kitchens

Wooden kitchen is appropriate and in the apartment and cottage. But what is modern furniture? Know whether it is wooden and is it always done in a classic style? See How Wood Warms Modern White Kitchens.

The design of facades. Wood veneer. This is the most common design: the frame is made from solid and veneer fanerovana Panel. Texture detail as is similar, and it seems that they are made of the same material. Especially hides differences coat of paint, which often cover the facades of the kitchens in the country style or rustic.

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Only array. In some cases, the facades are produced entirely wooden-frame made from solid, and central panel. Such cuisines on offer very little.

Dial-in an array. This option is even rarer. The detail consists of a small wooden planks stuck together among themselves. Typically, dial-in an array is much more frequently used for countertops.

Types of wood. Hardwood species. This is cherry, walnut, beech, oak, ash, maple, birch, pear, olive tree, Acacia, exotic Wenge, teak, mahagony, merbau, ebony, etc. It is most often used in the manufacture of kitchen fronts, because they are the most resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. A Brickwork kitchen Interior.

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Beech as the best option. Cuisine of beech are facades beautiful dark-yellow hue. Furniture makers like beech for that it is easy to handle in the production process and, at the same time it possesses high durability.

Style of wooden kitchens. Kitchen classic. Usually decorated with carved elements, complemented by glass doors with a crate or patterns and bronze effect handles.

Country and rustic. The facades of the collections in the country style paint opaque matte enamel, obscuring the texture of the wood, a rustic — rub clean gold leaf and paint, cover with patina.

Cuisine in a contemporary style. As a rule, they are deprived of the decorative elements, and because they are the main decoration of the facades — in our case, made of wood, with intricate drawings of fibers on the cut. So as not to obscure the natural texture, as generally use the clear coat finish.

18 Photos of the Solid wood kitchens

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