Style wood cabinets for sweet home

Always in the first place should be paid to the matter of which made the closet. Most often, this practical and useful household item made from DPS, covered with laminate. The quality of the laminate is easy to identify. If it is thin, it means that it is melamine. Moreover, it is often dyed laminate in different colors: cyan, yellow, or green. Get the look of wood cabinets for less – it looks nice and modern. It is worth noting that many of the modern laminate are not inferior in quality to its foreign analogues.

If you do not like laminate cabinets, get the look of wood cabinets for less made of natural solid or veneered. They are affordable, good quality and made in retro style.

rustic wood cabinets

Be sure to pay attention to the PVC profile, which is mounted on the ends of the planes exposed to mechanical stress during operation. Due to the quality profile, the life of the product is greatly increased. In color it may be different, and its texture is not always the invoice doors or shelves. But it is only found in those cabinets that are sold ready in the store. If you order a rack, then such details are agreed in advance and are eliminated in the process. But remember that the profile of PVC can not save.

Houzz tour patterns and colors flirt with wood in los angeles. Patterns and colors in the blue-green colors combined with wood in a beautiful house in Los Angeles.

Door in the wood cabinet can be made from a metal frame mirror, frosted glass or laminated DPS. When choosing a cabinet, consider the fact that laminated DPS seems hard enough it does not fit to every interior. If you have in your apartment, and so many mirrors, the wardrobe with a mirror would be superfluous, so it is better to replace the cabinet with frosted glass. However, not all companies offer such a variety, so you may have to look for the desired model. If you want the light and airy, and you do not want to see the contents of your closet, you can seal the frosted glass with a special film, which will give a metallized appearance. But this can not be done at home, only in the factory. Therefore, on this nuance need to think straight.

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21 Photos of the Style wood cabinets for sweet home

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