The color and wood

Whether it is flooring or piece of furniture: the wood is used in a variety of ways and forms, and with many different nuances. All this influences the choice of tones of paint for the walls. Depending on the type of wood it is recommended that you use different colors and their combinations.

Contrasting surroundings will help you emphasize pieces of furniture and decoration of the tone-in-tone is consonant to incorporate them into the Interior and Solid wood kitchens.

gray washed wood

Basis of presentation — select a master tone, suitable to the type of wood flooring or furniture.

That combined with the … Walnut and Wenge.

Dark wood can be combined with a range of different color shades. The range of produced by combinations of experience extends from the nobility, beauty and Art Nouveau up to harmony.

how to turn wood gray

A noble blend is produced and, by combining the bright sand and beige hues with dark red as an accent.

Light grey color with tones of dark red — give the Interior a stylish loft features.

Yellow, apricot shades or shades of mango to emphasize warmth, harmony and comfort environment.

Green tones from gentle Mint and fresh may green — are depending on the shade or calming or stimulating.

That combined with the … Great Material: Gray Wood for Winter.

Bright yellow-green tone, such as olive, may green, grass green, allow you to create a mood of freshness, fascination, motivation.

Fresh, bright blue tones are like coolness, they relax and visually increase space.

Purple or berry tones allow you to give the room a modern, feminine in nature.

That combined with the … pine and Alder

For pine and Alder are medium-intensity brightness and saturation.

They are bright, cool colors and shades of gray, as well as pure white. This will clearly differ from the walls of the wooden floor. The mood in the room with this combination is fresh and characteristic atmosphere. This is an oasis of relaxation!

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