The wood in the Interior: the relationship of the civilized world with nature

Wood, primarily associated with the floors and furniture, but before it was the traditional building material for the construction of houses. Russian hut, English, Finnish and Swedish at home, Swiss Chalet is built without the use of wood. However, this tradition today is becoming increasingly popular and highly appreciated.

Due to the professional design work, the combination of even older wood and finish frenzy: end-grain wood with graceful lamps and fashionable furniture will not cause misunderstanding and discomfort for visual perception.

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The tradition of wooden housing construction today has developed into professional construction of wooden houses. «Natural» Interior more charms, attracted by the unique opportunity to combine benefits with style, brilliance and luxury. This natural and comfortable material allows you to create all kinds of Japanese style decisions, to a wooden high-tech. Modern farm house in Texas.

Wooden elements in the Interior is aesthetically pleasing and affordable

One of the reasons that wooden elements are widely used in Interior is the capability to manufacture them yourselves. For example, a hand made masterpiece, creating a contrast with the wall or wall-paper, can become expressive touch that not only will refresh Interior and will complement its “highlight”.

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The available material will make you more likely to experiment to change not only the wooden elements, but also your mood.

According to the modern fashion trends tree can and should be used in a completely unexpected way. For example, bathrooms are often complemented by wooden trim, although before this decision was invalid.

It is appropriate that looks stylish and even wooden furniture in the bathroom.

One has only to note that in this case there will be a need for additional coverage, which will save furniture from moisture and pod lit life.

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