The wood shone: varnishing

Glamour, glitter, beauty! All these words for lacquered wooden furniture. Almost all surfaces, wood, that surround us, processed by this method. An array is a noble gloss, read below.

Stages of varnishing Waterlox Rocks on Wood Countertops:

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– Lacquering of wood-a laborious process in which each step is important. If you miss something, or do the job badly, then the result is unlikely to satisfy the customer. Varnish tree in the following order:

– Removing old flooring. Is required, If the old furniture restored. With surface remove the varnish and paint.

– Grinding. Its main goal is to make the structure of the wood is smooth, remove all protruding fiber and splinters.

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– Elimination of defects of wood. Tree damage could lead to cracking of furniture, even if it is covered with a varnish. Therefore, cracks and voids stick together.

– Preliminary drying. Before applying wood varnish, you need to thoroughly dry. This is the main guarantee that coverage will be smooth.

– Application of the first coat of varnish. Actually, the most important and the main process turns ordinary tree in a sturdy and beautiful furniture. Put Nail Polish along the grain of the wood.

Drying and grinding. The first coat of varnish to dry for about three to four hours (However, all depends on the type of paint composition), then grind a skin. On the surface there was dust, her wipe a wet sponge, and in completing the clean with a clean cloth.

– Application of second and third layer of lacquer. Lacquering of wood is repeated a few more times, each layer dry and carefully sanded.

– Surface polishing. Is applied when you want to achieve even more deep gloss. The carefully polished surface put a varnish.

Application techniques of lacquer on wood. Luxury amid rural – Carmel Residence? Wood can be painted over with a swab, brush or spray. Here’s how:

– Coating method using a swab of cotton, wool or linen fabric. It blended in with a certain amount of luck. The main disadvantage is a tampon leave particles of lint. And this greatly affects the quality of the wood.

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