Use Reclaimed Wood

It is difficult to believe, but reclaimed wood can look even better than the new one. You will be impressed, when you see the changing of the wood material. Be Design Greener: Using Reclaimed Wood. You may create furniture from reclaimed wood. OF course, you need to know Design Elements made of Reclaimed Wood. There are, actually, a lot of thing you may do with reclaimed wood. Don’t forget, you may combine it with another materials, such as metal and glass. You should also know that such wood has already its own history. And it is, actually, very interesting to meet this wood and to learn about it. And then – create some nice details, elements, furniture, or even parts of the room. Reclaimed wood will be appropriate to use as a floor or a part of wall. Even old boards, which look not very nice, you may use in your fashionable room. That boards will become the most important element in your room. Paint it in natural brown color, create room in the antique style and here you go. Old wood may look even better than the new one. Flaws and dings may add some extraordinarily to the wood, so don’t be afraid. You may also use scraps for creating interesting bench by your own. All you need is to be creative and to believe you will be able to make your room look nice. Good luck in using reclaimed wood and to give a new life to it! Don’t be afraid to experiment!

reclaimed flooring

20 Photos of the Use Reclaimed Wood

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