Wood for making nice home exteriors

Apart from the excellent decorative properties, wood home exteriors branch out is probably the most hygienic construction material. Therefore, the timber can be used anywhere without fear of harm to the environment or human health. However, wood home exteriors branch out has a number of shortcomings, and, so to speak, “Birth”. The main ones are flammable and vulnerable to all sorts of pests – from fungi to insects, for which the most ancient building material is a food. Promotes “digestibility” wood is moistured.

Depending on the breed and the structure of wood has a different resistance to rot. On this quality rock and wood zone is divided into four classes: persistent (pine, ash, oak and larch kernel), breed average resistance (spruce, fir, cedar peripheral part, the sapwood larch, beech central zone), few resistant (sapwood of birch, beech hornbeam, oak, maple, elm kernel) and unstable (alder, aspen, linden sapwood, the central zone of birch). Especially dangerous rot caused by household fungi.

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Sliding wood interior doors – originality and functionality natural beauty of the modern interior.

Destruction of the wood and the spread of fungal infection is very fast. Therefore, engineers have developed a number of protective formulations designed to give the wood properties that contribute to the vulnerability note of wood to a minimum. These agents can be classified by type for the application, the chemical composition, the principle of protection. By Type: Paint; varnishes; impregnation (stain).

By Application: for exterior and interior applications. In chemical composition: water-based; organic based. According to the principle of action: natural beauty gorgeous unpainted wood doors and protection from atmospheric phenomena; protection against insects; fire protection. In recent years, more and more clearly were seen the trend towards a combination of several components in the “one”. For example, protective and decorative coatings for wood necessarily contain antifungal components.

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20 Photos of the Wood for making nice home exteriors

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