Wood in the Interior? Stylish and modern!

While in captivity, stereotypes, we often forget that it is not necessary to radically change the established views-sometimes quite a shift from the usual points.

So it was that style of House in the middle of nature, in the direct vicinity of the pine forest is associated with natural wood. Log walls, wooden floor, and carved window-what other images appear in this case in mind? Of course, these days and “scratchy” hi-tech surrounded by bucolic landscapes- is not uncommon, but most people who settled outside the city, like the organic confluence of external and internal space.

broadway into the woods

Let in the House will be a lot into the woods, but it should look modern and democratic. Thus was born an unusual style of this House, the leitmotif of the expressive wooden fragments.

Oak finish here in harmony with the vast dark and light surfaces: interaction between them has become one of the components of the concept of the interior design, which is shaping of space. In addition, warm honey shade natural wood inevitably attracts attention, playing the role of a moderate decor in this rather quiet on the mood of the space. The combined space-safely, but roomy

Surprisingly, even restrained interior can be extravagant, as can be seen, on the second floor-bedroom owners. This attic room with a spacious terrace has a very advanced architecture. However, it does not seem to be so bright and saturated, If there was a single unit with a bathroom.

broadway into the woods

Such a dramatic consolidation led to the bedroom elegance, while retaining a very significant amount of space. Complements the picture horizontally positioned mirror cloth, the long, wooden surface with elegant white sinks, Magic interior in your home with helping wood.

Adjacent to the mirror tilting ceiling with oak finish creates expressive spatial kink-the same as the one of the children’s rooms, where the characteristic mansard architecture highlighted in black side vertical surface.

Not immediately, you can guess that this is the fa├žade of the built-in wardrobe-with its black matte coating performs the functions of a Board on which you can draw colored with crayons. After all, those children like to paint the walls and jumping from bed-also known stereotype that can be slightly upset. They will draw on the cabinet door, jump off with reliefs of sex-a Word, live a full life in the lap of nature.

19 Photos of the Wood in the Interior? Stylish and modern!

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