Wood Slats in Design: Scale, Light, Repetition

Wood slats are really popular and convenient for people these days. It is not just trendy, a lot of up-to-date architectures fancy on wood slats because they look inevitable brilliantly. To be clear and understandable, you have to use wood slats if you want to add some light and make your home look bright and light.

Such appliance can bring your home two quite separate and different effects. On the one hand, you can set up glassy windows in order to fill the gaps between slats and create reflected surface for your lightning shine with a double effect. However, you may create extra light for you and it will disturb you.


In the first picture you may  see a really attractive home  which is surrounded by some woo slats. You can also notice that despite the fact that color of a house look vague, and as well as that merge another details it is still really practical. If you are attentive enough, you can pay attention to tremendous wood scales that help garage doors to be functional and to make successional actions in order to create nice entrance. Have a look , the bent of doors is perfect and really  suits our description and your comfort. As well as that wood slats are appropriate for metal details and create the effect of style and sense of proper combination.

Another image shows us in what way we should construct our bathroom in order to dazzle it with lightning and bright tones. Evidently, you can set up wood slats instead of walls and put a protection-quality net for you to have some private and space and at the same time be joyful because of view from slats.

If you live in a traditional house, we mean have a farmer styled home it would be advisable to use slats too. First of all, it will help you in some hot weather conditions and also precisely give you additional light. You may choose an exquisite color if you want to make your house distinguished from another. It is better for you to choose only wooden slats if you do not want the material to be incandescent.


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