Wooden countertops and their varieties for kitchen and bath in your home

Wonderful wood countertops for kitchen and bath are well established in the premises of any stylistic. They are widely used at home, in warehouses, offices. Wooden shelves are of the following types:

  • Floor shelves of wood. They can be of different height and design. Most often they are used for shoes or storage of documents in the Style wood cabinets for sweet home;
  • Wooden bookshelves. They securely and discreetly attached to the wall. Most often such the product, are intended for the storage of books. But there is a shelf for flowers made of wood. They may have special holes or recesses for pots, ropes for climbing plants.

Wooden shelf for shoes has to be easy to clean, because it will regularly in the sand, dirt. Wonderful wood countertops for kitchen and bath shall be designed so that you can deliver and sneakers, and boots without bending them. Additionally, there may be special devices, often made of metal, for convenient storage of shoes with heels.

sealing wood countertops

Wooden shelf for papers is open or with doors. Typically, the height of shelves assumes that there will fit bulky folder of A4 format. Wooden shelves worth buying if you are going to store documents that are open for public access. For more important information you should use a safe or a special metal cabinet with security lock.

Wooden kitchen shelves are very popular for all sorts of utensils, spices and other things. Products may have hooks, special devices with holes for bottles and jars. The main feature is that the shelf of wood should blend in with the kitchen set. Or it may be in the same style with table and chairs and hanging in the dining area or in the dining room.

Wooden shelves have attracted the most attention of designers. There are models of floor and wall. Beneath that just do not mask the shelves of wood – twigs of plants, honeycomb, deputed to the wall ladder and much more. The variety of shapes and styles is amazing. Get the look of wood cabinets for less! One wooden shelf bases for several magazines and books, the other for a large home library.

heirloom wood countertops

20 Photos of the Wooden countertops and their varieties for kitchen and bath in your home

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