Wooden wall: practical and beautiful

The walls in the room take up the most compared to a floor and a ceiling. Therefore, it is important to choose high-quality finish and impressive, as she immediately threw himself into the eyes, as a senior member of the Interior.

In general the tree is one of the most common building material, especially in Russia, because the wood is durable and eco-friendly product, and very attractive in appearance. From the cheapest options of Warm Up to Wood for an Eye-Catching Wall are the boards, beams or classical lining. Uses a variety of wood species: pine, oak, walnut, birch, Apple and even exotic breeds. For example, if you use pine, it should be borne in mind and its texture with knots and eyes. In the finishing of wood all appear to be very important, ranging from breed and invoices to the size and shape of the panels.

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What to consider when choosing the material? And whether The color and wood.

Available today wide variety and abundance of materials it is necessary to take into account criteria such as practicality, environmental friendliness, especially maintenance, installation, price and that many high-opportunities to register premises in the selected style. The use of wood always promotes a beautiful stylish interior as well as the relative dielectric permittivity, which in turn, provides a favorable microclimate in the premises.

Each type of finish has its advantages and disadvantages, whether wall, Board, blockhouse, etc. We explain each type in detail.

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– Lining.

Is the most economical way to finish the facing decorative Board for the production of which may be the following trees: pine, spruce, Linden, Aspen, larch, oak, alder, cedar, etc. This finish is very durable, durable, resistant to various mechanical effects, easy to assemble, has good sound insulation and is inexpensive. By the way another big plus is the ability to update the Interior, as painting or tinting may in this case be repeated.

Disadvantages include the risk of infection by fungi and insects, as well as the bad tolerance of moisture and temperature changes.

– Euro Deal Board.

20 Photos of the Wooden wall: practical and beautiful

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