Your floor: an introduction to solid plank wood floors

It is no doubt true that every single person like to invest in his or her home and one of the ways to do it properly is to choose the best materials for your floor. Correct choice is most likely to bring comfort and functional warmth for every corner of your accommodation. There are different types of flooring: concrete, tiled, cotta, marble or even mosaic, however wooden covering has always been the crack choice.

The respected opinion of many is that the most significant feature for floor is sturdiness. One of the most crucial positions for durability is taken by oak. Plank solid floor made of oak or its peer red oak is unbelievably firm and stable. However, it might be expensive which make it not that frequently used. A great alteration for oak might be ash. If you have ever heard about hardwood floorings it is surely the ash material-based product. Ash can be even harder than oak. Though, it cost in average a few dollars more for every single square meter. In contrast, it has a beautiful light color that may suit to pastel-colored bedroom or hall.

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In case you will to set soft covering for your dwelling your attention has to be paid to pine. Warm, smooth and shiny wood will surely bring elegance in to any area. Whereas ash and oak as usual stained, pine looks great with just simple topcoat. The prices are markedly lower for resilient woods.

Other materials for your floor are maple or bamboo. Both materials are relatively hard and perfect in color for light rooms. Maple is non-porous materials and does not absorb dark stains. The same might be said about bamboo but it is usually left with its natural shade because it has beautiful patterns. If we are to talk about the price it has to be said that bamboo is a bit cheaper than maple, though it has no noticeable drawbacks in comparison with his peer.

Overall, all these materials for your floor are chosen by thousands of people and ought to be checked by time and situations.

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